About Us

Why we are different from others

Cost Effective

We are providing the most cost effective worldwide courier service in Sylhet. You can save upto 10% with the same service. You might be curious why we are doing so and how. Well, it is very usuall. We providing service with many other reputable companies. They offer us some commision. Supposse, a company offered us 10% discount on their regular cost, for us. What we do here actually is, we do not take the whole 10% as our profit but we likely to share this commission with your shipment cost. We would rather charge you 5% and thus your 5% saved at once. There are many other business fatcs that are not publiclalbe for which we only can provice you a good sercie at a lower cost that others.

Suitable Services

You might need your service according to your budget. Thinking of your budget maintaince, we are offering difference services for differents purposes. We have both premium and economy service. On average you can always affort our express services which are pretty good and efficient at the same time.

Special Mail Service

We understand the importance of any mail or document. A document is a valueable piece of paper to someone, again it is nothing to anyone who actuall does not know it or require it. Bu always care your documents and understand how valueable might it be to you. For this reason, we have special document mailing service where each and every mail handled very carefully. Don't be worried about the pricing, we have a very efficient cost for documents. You can use our document mailing service for your university applications or any urgent official doculments.